Other Books

1: The Scare Squad; One, Two, Three…BOO!
2: The Scare Squad; How do you…BOO?
3: The Scare Squad; Just BOO It!
4: The Scare Squad; Don’t Tell Me What to BOO!
5: The Scare Squad; BOO Times Two!
6: The Scare Squad; Shake Your BOOTY!
1: Piper and Chase; In the Club
2: Piper and Chase; It’s Game Time
3: Piper and Chase; Up at Night
4: Piper and Chase; In the Kitchen
5: Piper and Chase; Tent Troubles!
6: Piper and Chase; Our New Friend
6: Fairy Friends; The Christmas Fairy Gets a Ride
5: Fairy Friends; The Animal Fairy Can’t Fly
4: Fairy Friends; The Music Fairy is Late
3: Fairy Friends; The Birthday Fairy is Stuck
2: Fairy Friends; The Tooth Fairy Needs Help
1: Fairy Friends; The Summer Fairy is Lost
Duck and Dog; Duck Makes a Splash!
Duck and Dog; Dog Learns to Share
Duck and Dog Take a Hike
Duck and Dog Bake a Pie
Duck and Dog, Friends Forever
Duck and Dog; Dog Tells a Story
A Postcard from Australia
A Postcard from Italy
A Postcard from Canada
A Postcard from Japan
A Postcard from Costa Rica
A Postcard from France
The Beans Go Camping
The Beans Plant a Garden
The Beans Take a Road Trip
The Beans Run a Race
The Beans Watch a Scary Movie
The Beans Build a House
The Super Starz; Ling Gets is Right
The Super Starz; Rachel Leads the Way
The Super Starz; Isabella Learns to Balance
The Super Starz; Mia’s Bad Day
The Super Starz; Grace Speaks Up
The Super Starz; Dot at the Top
The Campaign