Mallory Makes a Difference now available in paperback!

In other Mallory news, book #28 in the Mallory series, Mallory Makes a Difference, is now available in paperback! And just in time for the holiday season!

What the book is about:
For Thanksgiving, Mallory starts a food drive at her school. The plan is to make sure families in need get a tasty Thanksgiving meal. She even has an idea about how to get her whole school involved. But when things start to go wrong, Mallory has her hands full!

The inspiration for the book:
Mallory Makes a Difference was inspired by an amazing group of students I met who started a food drive at their school that has now become an annual tradition. They shared with me the difficulties they faced in keeping all of the cans they collected organized, as well as the joy they felt doing something nice for people in need. Hopefully Mallory Makes a Difference will inspire other students to know that one small action can make a big difference.