Book 7

A Twist of Fate

April is stunned when her grandma announces she has cancer. And rather than undergo difficult treatment, Gaga wants to cross an item off her bucket list: going skiing in the mountains. So she’s taking the whole family to Utah! Despite their matching ski outfits, April is looking forward to time with her grandmother and cousins. But tension builds as Sophie mysteriously shuts April out, Harry swoons over another skier, the aunts tiptoe around Gaga’s feelings, and April faces peer pressure on the slopes. Gaga insists life is what you make of it, but when disaster strikes, can April embrace her philosophy?

Monday, March 23, 8:03 a.m.
Day 3, Ski Trip

You don’t have to be Nancy Drew to know something bad went down this morning.

April Sinclair—A Twist of Fate