Book 6

Too Much Drama

It’s a few months into freshman year, and April thought her friendship with lifelong best friend Brynn is finally improving. But then Brynn blames April for the breakup with her boyfriend, Billy, and soon the other girls on the dance team do too. The drama escalates when April’s cousin Sophie seems to like Billy—and vice versa—putting April awkwardly in the middle. And then there’s Leo. April can’t figure out what to make of being maybe-friends-maybe-more with a sixteen-year-old genius who is leaving for college. Where does a girl start looking for answers when it seems there are none to be found?

Sunday, November 30, 5:45 p.m.
In my room

Someone should invent a product, like a smoke alarm, that alerts you when a life disaster is coming your way. I’m just saying . . . there are times when a girl needs to be prepared.

April Sinclair—Too Much Drama