Book 3

Truth and Kisses

April makes a New Year’s resolution to start the year off right. That means getting back together with sweet, funny Billy. They’ve been friends forever and her family loves him. But she keeps getting stuck on several questions: What does Billy think about her? What’s going on between Billy and Brynn? And why does she feel she needs to keep her friendship with Matt Parker a secret? When Cupid throws April a curve ball, she’s faced with a new problem: how does a girl follow her heart when old friendships, new friendships, and her family’s trust are on the line?

December 31, 5:45 p.m.
New Year’s Eve

I can’t decide if the year is ending horribly or if what just occurred is an omen of the next one beginning like crap. It’s probably both.

April Sinclair—Truth and Kisses