Book 1

Can You Say Catastrophe?

April Sinclair just wants what any normal thirteen-year-old would want: to put some distance between herself and her annoying family; to escape to summer camp with her best friends, Brynn and Billy; and to make a good impression on Matt Parker, the hot new boy next door. Unfortunately, Matt witnesses April’s utter humiliation at her birthday party. Then Billy kisses her. Just as April is trying to figure it all out, her parents cancel her camp plans in lieu of a family RV trip. A summer of bonding with her parents and younger sisters isn’t how she imagined life as a teenager. But will April find the silver lining in her time on the road?

Saturday, April 20, 11:45 p.m.
My 13th birthday

Everyone was staring at me. I heard whispers. Then laughter. And just like that, I was stuck in the middle of the worst moment of my life.

April Sinclair—Can You Say Catastrophe?