Book 2

Too Good to Be True

Eighth grade is off to a surprisingly promising start for April Sinclair. With a great boyfriend, a best friend who’s like a sister, and two boobs that are finally the same size, April has a newfound sense of positivity. Making the dance team is the icing on the cake. But with one unexpected move from her hot neighbor, Matt Parker, April’s life starts to spin out of control. In the blink of an eye, her best friend is furious, her boyfriend dumps her, and the girls on the dance team aren’t speaking to her. How could things go so wrong so fast? Can April find a way to fix what’s broken with the people who matter the most?

Saturday, October 12, 10:49 p.m.
Freaking out

Do other people have the same sort of lives as mine . . . where things are fine one minute and a disaster the next? For their sakes, I sincerely hope not.

April Sinclair—Too Good to Be True