Book 2

Back to School, Mallory

It’s back to school for Mallory McDonald. But this year, Mallory is going to a new school and has to bring . . . her MOM! Mallory thinks it can’t get worse than having her mom be the new music teacher, but she has to sit with Pamela, who always says the right thing and steals her ideas. Joey is so busy with his old friends that he has no time for her. And to top it off, she gets the worst part in the school play. Mallory can’t imagine ever liking her new school. Will this be the worst year ever or does third grade deserve another chance?

    Starting a new school is hard enough, but trust me, it's even harder when your mom is the new music teacher. Kids take notebooks and pencils with them to school, but not their moms! I'm sunk. I’m doomed! And I haven't even started school yet.   Mallory McDonald—Back to School Mallory