Book 1

Mallory on the Move

When eight-and-a-half-year-old Mallory McDonald’s parents tell her they’re moving, she’s mad–really mad! It’s not fair! How can they make her move away from Mary Ann, her best friend in the whole wide world? Who will she paint her toenails with, tell secrets to, and make scrapbooks with? When Mallory arrives at her new house on Wish Pond Road, things are terrible. Her room is too small and the girl next door is mean. But Joey lives next door, too. Even though he doesn’t paint his toes, he tells jokes, helps teach her cat to do tricks, and shows her how to skateboard. Mallory’s having so much fun she forgets the pact she made with Mary Ann never to make friends with a boy next door. But, when Mary Ann comes to visit, what will Mallory do? Will she have to choose between her best friend and her new friend?

    Moving is a big deal. When you move everything changes. Your house, your neighborhood, your town, and worst of all, your friends. I know. I’m Mallory McDonald, age 8 ½ plus 1 month, and that’s exactly what happened to me.   Mallory McDonald -- Mallory on the Move