Book 3

Mallory vs. Max

Mallory McDonald is fed up with her brother! Max insists on getting a dog, even though dogs stink and bark and chew on things. Plus, they already have a perfectly good pet—her cat, Cheeseburger. Her parents, her friends, and her brother all think having a dog will be fun. But everyone is having so much fun, they’re completely ignoring Mallory! If Max and his dog are messing everything up, why is Mallory the one who winds up in the doghouse?

    Fact: You don’t get to choose your brother or your bedtime. I know. I’m Mallory McDonald, age 8 ¾ plus 1 month. My bedtime is 8:30. My brother Max is only 10, and he gets to stay up until 9:30. And a later bedtime isn’t all Max is getting!   Mallory McDonald—Mallory vs. Max