Book 11

Red, White and True Blue Mallory

Mallory is in Washington D.C. with her class and can’t wait to see the museums and monuments. But the moment she sets foot in the nation’s capital, there’s one thing she doesn’t see . . . Mary Ann! Her best friend is spending so much time with her crush, she’s forgotten about being partners with Mallory. And when Mallory wanders off to wiggle her loose tooth, it’s not the only thing lost! Will the trip turn out to be one Mallory will always remember or something she’d rather forget?

Dear Mr. President,
I have a question: If my fourth grade class is on a field trip to our nation’s capital where we are supposed to be looking at things like museums and monuments, why is my best friend spending all of her time looking at a boy? I sure hope you have an answer because I don’t!
Yours Truly,
Mallory McDonald