Book 19

Mallory and Mary Ann Take New York

Mallory and Mary Ann are headed to the Big Apple! They can’t believe Mallory won Fashion Fran’s design contest. The prize? A trip to New York City to see the sites and model on TV! There’s just one problem: Mallory pinky-swore with Mary Ann that they would both go on the show even though only one of them is invited to appear. Can Mallory find a way to keep her promise to her friend and not cause big problems in the Big Apple?

    Things I don’t want to be when I grow up: A truck driver, a math teacher or a zookeeper (I only like taking care of my cat, Cheeseburger.) Things I do want to be: A hairdresser, an ice-cream scooper, and most of all, a fashion designer.   Mallory McDonald—Mallory and Mary Ann Take New York