Book 24

Change Is In the Air, Mallory

Mallory’s summer is off to a shaky start! The Winstons are moving from Wish Pond Road to a bigger house across town, so Mary Ann and Joey won’t live next door to Mallory anymore. And her other friend on the street, Chloe Jennifer, is going away for the summer. Mallory doesn’t think things can get much worse . . . then Cheeseburger gets sick. Can the vet figure out how to make her beloved cat better? And can Mallory find a way to put the fun back into summer?

    I, Mallory McDonald, do NOT like change. I’m not talking about nickels and dimes jingling in your pocket. I’m talking about the kind that happens and makes your life totally different, and not in a good way.   Mallory McDonald—Change Is In the Air, Mallory