Book 27

Mallory McDonald, Super Sitter

Mallory is going to be a babysitter! Her new neighbors, the Goldmans, have twin five-year-old boys, and Mallory is so excited when Mrs. Goldman hires her and Chloe Jennifer to watch them while she works from home. They’re so adorable and Mallory is certain taking care of them will be tons of fun. But the boys turn out to be a handful. Plus, Mallory has to balance babysitting with her schoolwork. And she needs to prepare for the school poetry slam. Will Mallory figure out how to prioritize before her new career ruins her life?

A Story by Mallory McDonald
      Once upon a time there was a sweet, smart, cute redheaded girl with freckles who got hired along with one of her best friends to babysit cute twin boys. She thought it would be easy, and a lot of fun. She was wrong.
The End