Mallory is an appealing character who deserves a place alongside Junie B. Jones, Judy Moody, Amber Brown and Clarice Bean.   —School Library Journal (Praise for Mallory McDonald)

Mallory McDonald Series

Book 1: Mallory on the Move
Book 2: Back to School, Mallory
Book 3: Mallory vs. Max
Book 4: Happy Birthday, Mallory
Book 5: In Business with Mallory
Book 6: Heart to Heart with Mallory
Book 7: Mallory on Board
Book 8: Honestly, Mallory!
Book 9: Campfire Mallory
Book 10: Step Fourth, Mallory!
Book 11: Red, White and True Blue Mallory
Book 12: Happy New Year, Mallory!
Book 13: Mallory Goes Green!
Book 14: Mallory in the Spotlight
Book 15: Mallory’s Guide to Boys, Brothers, Dads and Dogs
Book 16: Mallory’s Super Sleepover
Book 17: Oh Boy, Mallory
Book 18: Mallory McDonald, Super Snoop
Book 19: Mallory and Mary Ann Take New York
Book 20: Play It Again, Mallory
Book 21: Three’s Company Mallory!
Book 22: Mallory McDonald, Baby Expert
Book 23: Game Time, Mallory!
Book 24: Change Is In the Air, Mallory
Book 25: On the Road with Mallory
Book 26: High Five, Mallory!
Book 27: Mallory McDonald, Super Sitter
Book 28: Mallory Makes a Difference